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We are offering vegetarian, vegan, and Gluten Free dishes: See our Menu.

Boneless Chicken Breast Kabob

The lemon juice and onion marinade makes this chicken moist, tender and delicious kabob

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Grilled Ground Beef Kabob

Koobideh kabob is traditionally made with ground lamb or beef, and cooked on long, flat skewers.

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Filet Mignon Kabob

This specialty kabob is often made with beef, specifically filet mignon, but you can also use lamb.

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About Us

People-Love-Us-on-YelpAt GrillCafe, we prepare our food with different Spices and Herbs, meticulously cooked to create mouth lingering taste. Each dish has its own distinctive flavor & aromas, which cannot come from any spices in the world. Read More..

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Weekdays 11:00am – 8:30pm
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